Four Seasons Vintage Washed Shirt
People say they want to live somewhere with seasons... Alaska's got all the seasons hunters need! If you love hunting in Alaska, nothing says it quite like our latest exclusive design. This will quickly become your favorite new shirt - a premium...
$34.99 from $29.99
Land Anywhere Vintage Washed Shirt
Alaska is known for its brave bush pilots, and we're not afraid to brag about it either! The rough Alaskan terrain makes for risky business as a pilot, but as they say, You Can Land Anywhere Once! Just like this shirt,...
from $29.99
Alaska Fishing Shirt - Get Hooked
Fishing in Alaska is one-of-a-kind, and like many other things about Alaska, once you experience it, you'll be hooked. Throw on this new Get Hooked Alaska Fishing T-Shirt and hit your favorite fishing hole in style! Whether you're into deep sea Alaska...
from $29.99
Frost Life Alaska Shirt
Alaska shirts should be bold and unique. There's nothing subtle about this in-your-face premium heavy-cotton tee with that vintage look everyone loves. Up here in Alaska we live the Frost Life, and aren't afraid to show it off! This unique...
from $29.99
AK Pride Shirt
$24.99 $21.99
AK Pride Shirt
Sometimes you just want a simple shirt that still makes a statement. And maybe you just love Peak Apparel and how comfortable and soft our shirts are!? Well you're in luck because we just launched our signature Peak Apparel shirt that is...
$24.99 from $21.99
Alaskan Patriot Flag Shirt
This Alaskan shirt design boasts a perfect blend of the Alaska state outline with the United States national flag, and is perfect for any true Alaskan patriot. Alaska is more than just "where you live" - it's home, it's who you are. We understand, even if your friends...
from $21.99
Alaskan Patriot Police Support Shirt
* 10% OF ALL PROFITS FROM SALES OF THIS SHIRT GO TO SUPPORT THE ALASKA STATE TROOPERS * We're excited to now offer this police support blue stripe version of our Patriot shirt. It's a fan-favorite, and we are huge...
$29.95 from $24.95
Patriot 59 Shirt
$22.99 $21.99
Patriot 59 Shirt
Since 1959 Alaska has been able to boast its belonging to the United States of America, and we're proud of it! This design boasts a perfect blend of state and country pride, for any true Alaskan patriot. Make sure to sport this Alaskan design on a quality tshirt...
$22.99 from $21.99
Strong Shirt
Strength comes in many forms, but no matter what it means to you, we all know it takes something special to survive in Alaska. Something bigger than each of us happens when we come together as a community, and we...
from $21.99
Coyote Tan 499 Military Patriot Shirt
Pride in your Nation. Pride in your State. Now you can show that pride in uniform: introducing the all-new Coyote Tan 499 Patriot lineup from Peak Apparel. ACP/OCP approved!  The shirt has the Peak Apparel logo on the chest, the Patriot design...
$29.95 from $24.95
Home For The Holidays Shirt
Sometimes you want to get away for the holiday season. But sometimes you want to just hunker down with the family and enjoy a mug of hot chocolate while watching your favorite classic Christmas movie marathon! With this new Alaskan holiday shirt...
$22.95 from $19.95
Shaken Not Broken Shirt
Alaska was just struck with a devastating earthquake, reaching an astounding magnitude of 7.0. Although injuries and casualties are minimal, there is still heartache and despair as many lives were greatly impacted by this disaster. We know this is just...
$24.95 from $19.95
Closer To Heaven Shirt
There's no feeling quite like the one you get when you leave the busyness of the daily routine behind, and escape to a quiet, starry winter night in Alaska. When the Northern lights start creeping up over the horizon... you just feel closer...
from $21.99
Alaskan Patriot Veteran Support Shirt
* 10% OF ALL PROFITS FROM SALES OF THIS SHIRT GO TO SUPPORT VETERANS AND MILITARY SUPPORT EFFORTS * We're excited to now offer this veteran / military support green stripe version of our Patriot shirt. It's a fan-favorite, and we have nothing but...
$29.95 from $24.95
Alaskan Patriot Firefighter Support Shirt
* 10% OF ALL PROFITS FROM SALES OF THIS SHIRT GO TO SUPPORT FIREFIGHTERS AND FIREFIGHTING EFFORTS * We're excited to now offer this firefighter support red stripe version of our Patriot shirt. It's a fan-favorite, and we have nothing but full support...
$29.95 from $24.95
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